Master of Science in Special Education with Nevada Licensure in Special Education and Endorsement for Generalist Resource Room (Nevada Only)

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The Master of Science in special education with Nevada licensure and endorsement for generalist resource room is designed for students who are committed to being instructional leaders in the K-12 setting. Courses for this degree meet the Nevada Department of Education requirements for Nevada teaching licensure. They also meet requirements for a master s degree from National University that interrelates theory and practice and promotes lifelong learning. The program is intended for students who want to obtain an initial teaching license and master s degree at the same time.

The purpose of this Special Education endorsement program is to prepare students to instruct learners with disabilities in the K-12 system.

This Special Education endorsement program at National University is based on the premise that meeting the special instructional needs of students in today s schools requires knowledge of a wide array of teaching strategies, as no one strategy can meet the needs of every special needs student. Another major premise is that all prospective teachers must develop an awareness and acceptance of cultural, linguistic, ethnic, economic, gender, lifestyle, and ability differences. The program is designed to present a variety of research validated methods, techniques, and opportunities to develop knowledge and skills to create and implement instructional programs that will positively impact the learning of K-12 students with special needs across developmental domains.

The student teaching courses are required for the initial teaching license. Students must have met subject matter competency prior to student teaching. An electronic portfolio is required for the assessment of all teacher licensure candidates. The purpose of the portfolio is for candidates to show how their work in teacher education is linked to their own competency in the Domains of Professional Competence. The portfolio must be reviewed and approved by a National University faculty member prior to exiting the licensure program.

Application for a Nevada Teacher License

  • Successful completion of the coursework with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 for graduate coursework. (Grades of D and F are not accepted.) All coursework must be completed within seven years to be accepted.
  • Fulfillment of all financial obligations to the University before applying for the credential. Each candidate must have on file:
  • A zero account balance
  • Official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended
  • Passing score in PRAXIS I
  • Passing score in PRAXIS II: Principles of Learning and Teaching
  • Verification of subject matter competency with passing score reports on PRAXIS II.
  • Proof of passing with a grade of C or better coursework or an examination covering the U.S. Constitution, Nevada Constitution, and Nevada School Law.
  • Written evaluations of performance in field experiences, internships, educational projects, student teaching and other practica

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Candidates demonstrate knowledge of typical and atypical development and characteristics of students with disabilities and other special needs.
  • Candidates integrate fairness, equity, and access in designing the environment, teaching, and learning strategies to meet diverse student learning
  • Candidates integrate best practices, apply learning theories, methodologies, technology tools, and assessments across content areas to manage, monitor, and engage student learning. NVTL: B. V, VIII
  • Candidates demonstrate the ability to focus on student learning using technology tools through systematic study and reflection of one’s own teaching practices and through shared knowledge gained from purposefully formed professional learning communities. NVTL: B. VIII
  • Candidates demonstrate an understanding of effective leadership by advocating for exceptional individuals, including those with diverse needs and by collaborating within the learning community to advance professional practice.
  • Candidates demonstrate competence in the application of research methods including critiquing and synthesizing current, evidence-based education literature.


(12 courses; 54 quarter units)To receive a Master of Science in Special Education in with Nevada Licensure and Endorsement for Generalist Resource Room, students must complete at least 54 quarter units of graduate work, 40.5 of which must be taken in residence at National University. Students enrolled in the joint degree-licensure program will not be awarded the masters degree until they complete all graduate and licensure coursework, excluding student teaching and student teaching seminar. Candidates in the program must demonstrate mastery of methods and techniques that accommodate the increasing diversity in contemporary Special Education and General Education programs where students with special needs are served.
Core Requirements (10 courses, 45 quarter units)
Core Requisite(s):
Student Teaching (3 Courses: 11.25 units)
SPD681A, SPD681B, and SPD687A do not grant graduate credit.
Core Requisite(s):
Project Courses (2 courses, 9 units)
Core Requisite(s):