Prince M., Class of 2016

Leading the Way in Social
Emotional Learning

Prince M. Class of 2016

National University’s Sanford College of Education is a leader in social emotional learning, making classrooms inclusive and productive with tools and materials for teachers to implement in grade levels Pre-K-12.

About Sanford College of Education

A leader in the field, National University prepares students for the challenges and joys that a career in education can bring. The Sanford College of Education is dedicated to scholarship, teamwork, active reflection, ethics, and exemplary standards.

SEL Professional Development Website for Pre-K-12 Teachers

The Sanford College of Education has developed an interactive, engaging, and innovative professional development website that houses digital playbooks and other resources focusing on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) for teachers. Each playbook features in-action scenarios, steps for classroom implementation of SEL, guided reflections, and a place to share ideas and best practices. The website informs educators about SEL, increases awareness of SEL practices, and becomes a primary resource for educators. The Sanford College of Education will host an annual recognition of teachers’ exemplary practices in SEL. Learn more at

Degree Programs in Social Emotional Learning

Master of Education in Inspired Teaching and Learning with an Emphasis in Social Emotional Learning with Preliminary Multiple and Single Subject Credential and Intern Option

Gain the knowledge and skills needed to make subject matter engaging and comprehensible for K-12 learners, including those with diverse learning needs. The Master of Education in Inspired Teaching and Learning with a Multiple or Single Subject Teaching Credential and Intern Option (CA) is designed for candidates who are dedicated to inspiring K-12 learners by emphasizing social-emotional thriving, meaningful academic achievement, and equitable and inclusive learning communities. The program and courses meet the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) requirements for a Preliminary Multiple or Single Subject teaching credential and meet requirements for a master’s degree. Candidates in this degree program are required to complete a three-course area of specialization in the English Language Learner Education.

Master of Arts in Education

Passionate educators looking for advancement in educational fields are encouraged to pursue a Master of Arts in Education from National University. With a two-course sequence that focuses on customized study, planning, and research, and eight courses from your desired area of study, you’ll expand your knowledge and professional opportunities. This degree has an area of emphasis in social emotional learning as well as these other areas advanced teaching practices, early childhood education, technology, higher education administration, special education, inspired teaching.

New Master of Arts in Social Emotional Learning

If you are looking to expand your knowledge of social emotional learning to empower educational communities, then the Master of Arts in Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is the program for you. The MA in SEL is designed to help you make transformational change in your school community as you promote the intersectionality of SEL both in and outside of the classroom. This program will equip you with research-based knowledge and skills in self-care, cognition, trauma, and the ability to create healthy environments and relationships that are culturally responsive, equitable, and supportive for the whole child. This deep dive into personal identity, culture, leadership, community, and programs provides an SEL foundation where positive school climates thrive. The program will launch in September 2020.

SEL Pathway to a Master of Arts in Education

There are eight modules developed as a collaborative project between Inspire and the Teacher Education Department in Sanford College of Education. Through these modules, you will analyze the components of social emotional learning (SEL); compare theoretical orientations regarding the development of SEL in school-aged children; reflect on and evaluate your own level of social emotional functioning to improve your ability to provide comprehensive and effective services to students; and evaluate evidence base for social emotional learning interventions.

The modules are self-paced, asynchronous, and designed to fit with your schedule. The SEL pathway program is accessible entirely online with monthly enrollment opportunities. You do not need to be a graduate student of National University to participate. These graduate courses can be completed at no cost and transferred toward the completion of a Master of Arts in Education with an Emphasis in Social Emotional Learning from National University.