Master of Arts in Sport Psychology – Doctor of Clinical Psychology (PsyD) Dual Degree

Program Overview

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Are you interested in both sport and clinical psychology? National University offers an innovative dual-degree program preparing students to work in clinical settings, as well as with athletes in sports settings. This program provides a unique training opportunity with clinical clients, as well as athletes with clinical concerns while preparing you to apply the skills and knowledge developed from the fields.

Both the Master of Arts in Sport Psychology and the Doctor of Clinical Psychology offer the highest level of available training in applied sport and clinical psychology, respectively. The MA/PsyD dual degree program is for practitioner-scholars who seek education and training in sport and clinical psychology.

This innovative linked program allows completion of both degrees within five years of intensive, full-time study (part-time options are available). Students typically earn their Master of Arts in Sport Psychology after their third year and their PsyD after their fifth year. With both degrees, graduates are able to use the title “sport psychologist” and apply to sit for the Certified Mental Performance Consultant® (CMPC) certification exam, administered through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP). Graduates also earn eligibility to take the psychology licensing exam for the state of California.

The Sport Psychology courses are fully online, and the Clinical Psychology (PsyD) courses are campus-based.

Program Disclosure

The Clinical Psy.D. program under the name National University, Pleasant Hill, CA / John F. Kennedy Teach-Out is “accredited, inactive” by the Commission on Accreditation of the APA. This accreditation status designates an accredited program that is no longer admitting students. This status was granted to accommodate teach-out students from John F. Kennedy University. Persons who were not enrolled in accredited John F. Kennedy programs are not to be admitted to the National University, Pleasant Hill, CA / John F. Kennedy Teachout “accredited, inactive” program.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the foundational concepts and guiding principles of scientific psychology
  • Develop, articulate, and maintain constructive and contextually sensitive working relationships with clients, colleagues, supervisors, and other professional contacts
  • Promote, restore, sustain, or enhance positive functioning and a sense of well-being in clients through preventive, developmental, or remedial services
  • Conduct problem identification, selection of appropriate methodology, analysis and interpretation of data, and clear and accurate communication of findings
  • Articulate, value, and work consciously with individual and contextual differences within intersecting systems, in accordance with professional standards, laws, and ethics
  • Describe, explain, synthesize, and apply performance enhancement techniques and theoretical perspectives with individual performers and teams
  • Describe, explain, synthesize, and apply various assessment tools in an evolving process to create effective action plans, including screening for clinical issues
  • Use counseling skills to develop working relationships with clients and learn how the self impacts the client-consultant relationship
  • Identify sources of bias within themselves, integrate concepts, and adapt their skills to work with a diverse range of populations
  • Critically analyze ethical and decision-making principles in a professional and culturally appropriate manner


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