Asya W.

Psychological Assessment
Clinic (PAC)

In recognition of the need for affordable, comprehensive psychological assessment services, the JFK School of Psychology and Social Sciences provides a Psychological Assessment Clinic (PAC), serving children older than 5 years of age, teens, young adults, adults, and older adults. The following are some of the types of assessments that we offer: *

  • ADHD-related issues
  • Learning Disabilities and general cognitive assessments
  • Behavioral health consultative evaluations
  • School Accommodations and some workplace accommodations
  • Autism screening
  • General psychological/psychiatric evaluations
  • Neuropsychological evaluation

*Please note we are a training clinic and are unable to perform Medical-Legal evaluations or similar evaluations for court/legal purposes. 

Graduate psychology doctoral students provide on-site assessment services at our Pleasant Hill Campus location under the direction of highly qualified licensed clinical psychologists.

Partner with our Psychological Assessment Clinic

To access services from our Psychological Assessment Clinic, please complete the following Referral Form

If you are unable to access this form or have any other questions about the referral process, please call our office at (925)969-3599. 

For general questions, please email [email protected].

What to expect: Costs and other information

The fees for our assessments are based on a sliding scale. The scale is based on the following household income levels:   

Income: Less than or equal to $50,000/yearBase Rate: $200.00Maximum: $500.00
Income: $51,000 to $100,00/year Base Rate: $350.00Maximum: $700.00
Income: More than $100,000/year Base Rate: $500.00Maximum: $900.00

The base rate includes the: 

  • initial interview
  • basic assessment
  • feedback session
  • final report (one copy for the client and a copy for the referral source as appropriate) 

Once the evaluation has been completed, the client will receive a feedback session and a summary copy of the report. With the client’s consent, a full copy of the report, including the detailed analysis and raw tests data, can be sent to a designated 3rd party.

If the results indicate a need for further testing, there will be a supplemental charge of $50.00 for each additional test that may be required for learning disability evaluations, special accommodations, work-related disability evaluations, or neuropsychological evaluations. A discussion of these rates and the possible need for additional tests will be discussed during the initial interview.  

Payment is due at the end of the final feedback session. We accept electronic payment in the form of a credit or debit card. We are unable to accept payment in cash or check form. The named card holder must be present at the time of payment.