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The study of psychology, behavioral and social sciences is one way to have a positive impact on individuals, families, and communities. Professionals in this field, from researchers to educators to those who work directly with clients, play a significant role in helping individuals, systems, and society solve problems, learn more about ourselves and overcome our challenges. 

The JFK School of Psychology and Social Sciences at National University offers a range of programs at the certificate, undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels. These programs include clinical and non-clinical psychology, counseling, marriage and family therapy, consciousness and transformative studies, life coaching, and social work. All of our programs are designed to give students the tools to fulfill their passions and become leading advocates for social change within their communities. Many of our programs provide the foundational concepts and guiding principles of the behavioral and social sciences, preparing students to seek licensure or certification as psychologists, licensed professional counselors, marriage and family therapists, certified mental performance consultants, social workers or certified life coaches. Additionally, our school prepares students for careers in general psychology, industrial/organizational, forensic, health, educational, developmental psychology, gender diversity, addictions, trauma and disaster relief, and in areas of social policy and behavioral health administration. 

Each program offers access to dedicated faculty with real-world experience who are committed to mentoring students through rigorous and challenging courses and helping them achieve their educational and career goals.

Alvin McLean, Jr., PhD
Dean, JFK School of Psychology and Social Sciences


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