CYB612 Disaster Rec./Bus. Continuity

Lead Faculty: Mr. Christopher Simpson

Course Description

In-depth focus on the development of an enterprise disaster recovery and business continuity plan that includes assessing impact and risks, prioritizing systems and functions for recovery, identifying data storage and recovery sites; specifying plans, procedures and relationships; creating a test process for the plan; and continued assessment of needs, threats and solutions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain Disaster Recovery
  • Create a Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Analyze and apply Impact and Risk analysis in the Enterprise
  • Analyze and Prioritize Systems and Functions for Recovery
  • Identify and Evaluate Data Storage and Recovery Sites
  • Create Plans and Procedures, and Relationships
  • Create Procedures for Special Circumstances
  • Test the Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Analyze and Evaluate through Continued Assessment of Needs, Threats, and Solutions