CSC310 Linear Algebra and Matrix Comp

Lead Faculty: Dr. Ronald Uhlig

Course Description

The course includes the study of vectors in the plane and space, systems of linear equations, matrices, determinants, vectors, vector spaces, linear transformations, inner products, eigenvalues and eigenvectors. The course will approach the study of linear algebra through computer based exercises. Technology will be an integral part of this course. Students will also develop experience applying abstract concepts to concrete problems drawn from engineering and computer Science

Learning Outcomes

  • Perform basic matrix calculations
  • Use matrices to solve systems of linear equations
  • Find least-square solution of linear systems
  • Set up and solve linear systems in applied problems
  • Explain the basic concepts of linear algebra such as subspace, span, linear independence, basis, and dimension
  • Identify a linear transformation and find and use its matrix representation
  • Compute eigenvalues and eigenvectors of matrices
  • Discuss applications of linear algebra to Computer Graphics and Graph Theory