CIS420B Information Systems Project II

Lead Faculty: Dr. Lu Zhang

Course Description

A capstone hands-on project in the student's area of interest. Students apply skills learned, principles, topics and tools that have been taught throughout the program to develop an IS/IT specific product. Grading is H, S, or U only.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply Project Planning tools: scheduling people and resources, Gantt, PERT & the Critical Path.
  • Define project scope, tasks and accountabilities, establishing measures of success.
  • Perform risk assessment & trade-offs: cost, duration, and risk.
  • Develop High Performance Teams: motivate team members, monitor performance, follow-up effectively, correcting performance problems.
  • Measure success from the customer's view and reinforce a customer oriented set of values.
  • Track Progress: solve problems, and produce clear status reports.
  • Manage comprehensive documentation of product development process.
  • Develop a professional product portfolio.