TMG640 Managing Technology Change

Lead Faculty: Dr. Shekar Viswanathan

Course Description

This course provides students with skills and knowledge that will help them introduce new technology or continuous improvement initiatives smoothly and effectively. During this course, students learn a structured approach for dealing with the organizational and human aspects of technology transition, including the key concepts of change management, communication, and managing resistance.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the key concepts of organizations and their structure and systems.
  • Compare and contrast the theories and the experience of change, for both individuals and for organizations.
  • Identify and describe the role of Leadership in organizational and technological change.
  • Develop a plan to prepare for change and to meet change resistance.
  • Evaluate the functions, roles, management, and risks of technology in organizations.
  • Describe the impact of organizational culture and environment on technology change management.
  • Explain the role of ethics, rights, responsibilities, and values in technology change and organizational strategy.
  • Analyze the influence of individuals, groups, teams, systems and structure in organizations, and their roles in organizational change.
  • Distinguish the roles and impacts of management and leadership in technological change.