CEN325 Soil Mechanics and Foundation

Lead Faculty: Dr. Dirk Epperson

Course Description

The course introduces soil mechanics and foundation engineering to the students; teaches the students how to solve certain fundamental problems related to consolidation, shear strength, and design of shallow and deep foundations; and familiarizes students with relevant terms and soil tests so that they can work effectively with geotechnical engineering specialists. The course features soil basics, including their derivation, identification and classification. The principles of water flow in soils, settlement and heave, and shear strength of soils will be discussed. Consolidation problems, factors of safety for foundations, and foundation settlement prediction will also be covered.

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate and classify soils including soil and water weight-volume relationships.
  • Evaluate the state of stress and shear strength of a soil mass.
  • Estimate seepage volume and settlement through a compressible soil mass.
  • Find the bearing capacity of shallow and deep foundations.
  • Compute the footing thickness required for a building system.
  • Identify and calculate the parameters needed for the design of foundations, including footing settlement, end bearing of piles, and earth pressure coefficients.