BET402 Medical Devices II

Lead Faculty: Dr. Peilin Fu

Course Description

Advanced course that introduces medium and high risk medical devices and instrumentation. During this course, devices such as ECG, EEG, Endoscopes and ventilators will be examined. Topics include biosignals acquisition, processing, and filtering; design of devices; embedded design and implementation, and testing and calibration of devices.

Learning Outcomes

  • Employ engineering principle know-how to solve real-life problems in the design and operation of medical devices in the medium and high risk category.
  • Develop design specification from concept to marketable products of manufactured medical devices.
  • Develop ability to communicate and implement specific requirements and needs for rapid prototyping of medical devices.
  • Demonstrate ability to team networking and implement design of novel medical device.
  • Integrate professional and ethical responsibilities and challenges in healthcare settings.