Professional Administrative Services Credential Program

The California administrative credential program is developed from the Professional Administrative Services Credentials Standards, which was adopted by the California Commission for Teacher Credentialing (CTC) on February 13, 2014. This Administrator Induction Program (AIP) supports beginning school administrators in their administrative roles to advance their knowledge and skills related to the California Professional Standards for Education Leaders (CPSEL), and to become effective school leaders and administrators that results in the success of all students. The program consists of four 4.5-qu courses spread over a two-year period as per commission policy.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Facilitate the development and implementation of a shared vision of learning and growth of all students.
  • Develop a collaborative culture of teaching and learning informed by professional standards and focused on student and professional growth.
  • Manage the organization to cultivate a safe and productive learning and working environment.
  • Collaborate with families and other stakeholders to address diverse student and community interests and mobilize community resources.
  • Model professionalism, ethics, integrity, justice, and equity for faculty and staff.
  • Influence political, social, economic, legal and cultural contexts affecting education to improve education policies and practices.


The program is for credentialing purposes, only. Once all four courses are successfully completed, the University can recommend the student to the Commission for a credential.
(4 courses; 18 quarter units)
Core Requisite(s):