SEM610B Project II

Lead Faculty: Dr. Shekar Viswanathan

Course Description

This continuation course focuses on methodology, data analysis, results, modeling/simulation, conclusions and recommendations related to the project selected. Student teams are required to present their research in both written and oral form to students and faculty and if applicable to client organization. Grading is by H, S, or U only; course is not eligible for an 'IP' grade. SEM610B is a two month course taken immediately after SEM610A.

Learning Outcomes

  • Write a Masters level research project/thesis based on the findings that include all essential elements of good sustainable practices.
  • Identify sources of data for the analysis and gather and analyze relevant data
  • Identify, describe and use appropriate quantitative and analytical models for drawing conclusions
  • Defend the project findings during oral presentation to faculty, class and, if applicable, to clients.