National Board Certified Teacher Preparation Courses

Available Online

National University offers three teacher support network options to meet the needs of teachers seeking National Board Certification. All options provide either graduate credit or continuing education units (CEUs).

Upon completion of the NBCT Academy, participants receive:

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Official National University transcript
  • Ongoing support from Certified Support Providers (CSPs) trained by NBPTS
  • Advanced Candidacy and/or Recertification Assistance
  • Ongoing membership in NBCT Leadership Network

Teachers who hold this valuable certification may earn more money and receive greater recognition from leaders in their respective fields across the country. Engagement in the professional development of the NBCT portfolio produces increased teaching effectiveness that impacts student learning. Recent studies show that students who learn from teachers with NBCT certification perform better on year-end exams, standardized tests and multiple forms of appropriate assessment.

*There may be some price flexibility for the graduate program when a group of students enroll as a cohort and as a part of earning a master's degree. National University may also bring this course to a school district anywhere in the United States. For information about customized schedules, the possibility of cohort discount and technical questions, please contact the Associate Dean, Donna Elder, at

Academy Options
Option A:

NBCX 1201X
4.5 Graduate Quarter Units

For course dates, times and location or to register contact the Division of Extended Learning at (800) NAT-UNIV (624-8648), ext. 8600.