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EGR340 Embedded Systems

Lead Faculty: Dr. Jodi Reeves

Course Description

Exploration of design and interfacing of microcontroller based embedded systems. It covers various aspects of 8051 C and assembly language programming and interfacing. The course examines the architecture of the 8051 microcontroller along with a study of the I/O ports, addressing modes, interrupt routines, timings and the serial data communication in 8051.

Learning Outcomes

  • List the major components of the CPU and describe the purpose of each.
  • Compare and contrast various members of the 8051 family of microcontrollers.
  • Develop 8051 assembly language and C programs for various tasks.
  • Describe the various modes of 8051 timers and program timers in assembly and C.
  • Describe the serial communication feature of 8051 and program ports in assembly and C.
  • Describe the purpose of interrupt vector table and program interrupts in assembly and C.
  • Demonstrate an ability to interface various sensors to 8051 microcontroller.