National University

National Board Certification (NBC) Leadership Certificate & Courses

Lead Faculty: Ms. Ronarae Adams

National University's Professional Teaching Development Center
provides options for support and assistance for teachers and
principals who seek to earn National Board Certification at some
point in their careers or to align with, and apply the tools and
values of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

Master's degrees aligned to NBC standards may be found in the
School of Education section of the catalog (Master of Arts in
Teaching degree program, the Master of Science in Instructional
Leadership degree program and the Master in Collaborative
Leadership degree program, offered in the School of Education and
Educational Administration).

Through the Division of Extended Learning, the NBC Leadership
Certificate is offered for 20 CEU credits, which may be used
towards salary and career advancement. Students may enroll in
individual courses or for the five course sequence. The courses are
scheduled at specific times of the year as determined by the
Program Director.

The certificate program consists of the following five courses:

NBCX NBC Orientation; 4 CEUs

NBCX 1803X NBC Accomplishments; 4 CEUs
NBCX 1804X Video Evidence; 4 CEUs
NBCX 1805X Student Assessment; 4 CEUs
NBCX 1806X NBC Portfolio; 4 CEUs

Program Learning Outcomes

The courses are taught by National Board Certified Teachers and
maintain the same rigor and expectations as the NBC academic
courses in the graduate degree programs. Each course prepares
teachers to respond with content and pedagogical expertise
relationship to portfolio exercise prompts, NBCT certificate
standards and the Architecture of Accomplished Teaching.
Enrollment in one or all NBC courses will trigger and invitation to
join the NU-PTDC virtual professional learning community for
accomplished teachers and leaders. This membership driven
community serves as a vehicle for additional collaboration and
interaction among NBCTs, trained Candidate Support Providers, advanced Evidence Centered Accomplished Coaches, administrators and new teachers to the profession who share a common mission to improve student learning through highly effective teaching and leadership grounded in the NBCT tools for the profession.

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