DAT604 Database Design and Impl.

Lead Faculty: Dr. Pradip Peter Dey

Course Description

Introduction to Database. DBMS Architecture. High Level Conceptual Data Models: ERI, Relational, ER to Relational Mapping. Operations and Relational Constraints Violations. Database Design Theory and Methodology: Functional Dependencies and Normal Forms. SQL *Plus environment and commands: Relational Algebra Operations, Creation and Modification of relations, Data Management and Retrieval using Multiple Tables.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain a formal database design methodology using correct database terminology.
  • Transform application requirements into a database design using ER-Model.
  • Build a relational database from the logical database design.
  • Apply normalization to data for effective, stable database design and to improve performance.
  • Implement and manipulate database using Structured Query language (SQL).