BIM600 Human-Computer Interaction

Course Description

The theory and practices of Human-Computer Interfaces (HCI) from information systems angle are discussed. Various industry and web HCIs designs will be evaluated from the user-centered perspective utilizing information systems. Rapid prototyping and comparative evaluation of design are essential parts of this course. In addition, users' expectation of interface design, interaction and usability components and user-centered HCI evaluation and development will be covered.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze Human-Computer Interaction principle and designs in Information Systems.
  • Compare various HCI designs to gain knowledge on user-centric interfaces.
  • Evaluate the Internet sites considering; usability and user appreciation designs.
  • Appraise social websites such as; facebook, linkedin, twitter or others from user-centric and HCI viewpoint.
  • Construct conceptual basis to design HCI that includes: problems, goals, user interaction style, as well as user-centric interface design.
  • Apply Information Systems tools to prototype the end-user design.
  • Develop end-user interfaces incorporating problem solving solutions in HCI.