ITM345 IT Servers Using Linux

Lead Faculty: Ms. Debra A. Bowen

Course Description

This course provides a solid framework into the concepts, installation, and configuration of server Operating System (OS). Topics include understanding of the desktop environments used in the server environment. This course describes ways of exploring and understanding of the OS. It demonstrates the system administration tasks and how they are used to provide support for multiple users. This course also describes issues related to security and shows how to automate tasks through shell scripting.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the basic functions of server Operating System.
  • Explain the server Operating Systems tasks.
  • Understand the Operating System features.
  • Understand how to support multiple users.
  • Demonstrate how to automate system tasks.
  • Understand how to install Linux.
  • Understand how to configure Linux and make it operational.
  • Understand how Linux operates in a client server environment.
  • Explain how to administer the Linux Operating System.
  • Understand the security issues related to Linux.