Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communications

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This program is a blend of the concepts of marketing principles, which include advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing working together as a unified force with the integration of communication using the latest communication technology. Graduates will be able to demonstrate an ability to seek and integrate high-quality research for the purpose of evaluating their own insights into the professional and academic study of communication and media studies, while also understanding the roles that communication plays in developing individuals and social institutions. The BA in Integrated Marketing Communication prepares learners for careers in marketing, sales, advertising, fundraising, PR, and other persuasive fields. It combines a business degree with advanced communication skills for traditional and Web 2.0 platforms—including print, broadcast, social, personal, and mobile media.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Apply appropriate theoretical precepts and practical skills in communication.
  • Demonstrate effective communication and leadership skills consistent with a professional marketing environment.
  • Develop a strategic communication program, gathering and utilizing data from the conduct of appropriate market research.
  • Evaluate global marketing strategies for products and services, utilizing contemporary buyer behavior.
  • Apply persuasion theory to the development of media messages.
  • Develop multi-platform, multi-public message disseminations plans.
  • Integrate program content and collaborate with peers to develop a basic marketing plan that contains all essential elements, including ethical considerations.


To receive a Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communication, students must complete at least 180 quarter units as articulated below, 45 of which must be completed in residence at National University, 76.5 of which must be completed at the upper-division level, and a minimum of 70.5 units of the University General Education requirements. In the absence of transfer credit, additional general electives may be necessary to satisfy total units for the degree. The following courses are specific degree requirements. All students receiving an undergraduate degree in Nevada are required by State Law to complete a course in Nevada Constitution.
Prerequisites for the Major (2 courses; 7.5 quarter units)
Core Requirements (16 courses; 72 quarter units)
Core Requisite(s):