Student Roadmap

Some students coming to National University have been out of the classroom for many years. For others it may be the first time in a college classroom. Here is some basic information that can be used to help all students feel more comfortable upon returning to school.


  • As a National University student, no special parking permit is needed.
  • Park only in authorized parking spots.
  • Arrive early enough to allow time to find a space and arrive to class by 5:30pm.

Come to class prepared:

  • This includes paper, books, writing tools, etc.
  • Textbooks should be ordered prior to the first night of class. For more information on ordering books you access the online bookstore.
  • Supplies are not sold on campus.

In the Classroom:

  • Professors cannot accept payment for class.
  • Be prepared to introduce yourself to the class.
  • Course Syllabus can be obtained on the University website. 
  • Obtain contact information from your professor on the first night of class.
  • Exchange contact information with other students in the event of a missed a class.


  • Scheduled 30 minute dinner breaks each night of class.
  • Some campuses offer truck-catering services.
  • Vending machines are available.
  • For those interested in bringing meals, some campuses have microwaves available.
  • No refrigerators are available.