Brittney H. - Class of 2021

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Brittney H. - Class of 2021
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NUton is Here to Help with Your National University Experience

NUton is an SMS messaging chatbot designed specifically for you, our students. All of NUton’s text messages are written by NU staff, so you know you’re getting the right answer.

NUton Has Answers

Our chatbot is super smart; we’re talking really, really smart! Ask NUton a question, and you’ll get an answer fast.

NUton Will Keep You Up to Date

Occasionally, you will receive text messages from NUton, helping you keep up with classes and University life. These messages are made just for you!

Our support teams are available around the clock, but sometimes we just need a little sleep. That’s where NUton comes in! NUton is a 24/7 fully interactive texting chatbot tool designed to make your life easier. You can text in questions at any time, and NUton will have answers. Additionally, NUton will text you helpful info throughout your time at NU like new funding opportunities, upcoming events, or deadlines specific to you and your program.

NU Directory

NU’s directory webpage lists contact information for multiple university programs and departments.

NUton is here to make sure you never miss a beat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our chatbot, “NUton,” was created in order to help make information and services more accessible as well as provide students with important updates and reminders. NUton works 24/7 and can answer a wide range of questions. Our chatbot is a great and fun way to get a quick bit of information or to discover something new fast and at any time of day.

Literally, anything, and NUton will try to be helpful. NUton already has hundreds of answers related to financial aid, course scheduling, textbooks, grades, campuses, student services, and more! And, our chatbot will get smarter with every conversation.Remember, NUton works with all students, so you won’t be able to ask questions specific to your student record. For instance, NUton can tell you where all students look up grades, but our humble chatbot won’t be able to share your grades with you.

All answers provided by NUton have been reviewed by a panel of staff and should be accurate and up to date. However, all chatbots sometimes misunderstand the questions being asked. If you ever need to have a NUton answer reviewed by a staff member, then just text in #followup after the questionable answer.

For now, NUton will be reaching out to you first, but we can only do so if you have a cell phone on file with the University. Head to and your Student Portal to update your contact information and start getting updates from NUton! If you have a cell phone on file but you still aren’t getting texts from our beloved chatbot, email us at [email protected]. We’ll look into it and get back to you.

You can pause messages from NUton for two weeks at a time if you just need some quiet time! Also, you can stop messages forever, although we’ll be sad to see you go. Text #pause to NUton to get started with opting out. (Note: If you ever change your mind, just text #unpause to get started again!)