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Nadia L. - Class of 2020

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Mission Statement:

National University’s Testing Center provides proctoring services to the communities that we serve. We value the potential success that lies within every person. We strive to provide up-to-date testing services, exceptional resources, and an approachable environment where every test feels like an opportunity. This is done collaboratively working and communicating with other institutions to remain in compliance with regulations established by testing companies and the National College Testing Association (NCTA). We endeavor to meet the needs of our military and online students as well.

Students at National University have the opportunity to demonstrate their prior learning for placement in more advanced coursework as well as course credit. NU Testing Services can assist you in selecting, scheduling, and preparing for appropriate exams based on your academic plan and previous experience.

Please use the tool below to identify available credit-by-examination options by course and general education area.

We encourage students to submit Concurrent Enrollments because there is a limit to how many units can be transferred in this way. We want to make sure the students knows if they have hit that maximum unit cap.
If you need assistance with submitting this information, please reach out to your Advisor.

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Type Title Course(s)
CBE & CLEP Financial Accounting or Financial Accounting ACC201
CBE Managerial Fundamentals ACC202
CBE Accounting Fundamentals ACC501
CBE Foundations of Financial Accounting ACC601M
Sophia Accounting (ACCT 1101) ACC 201
Straighterline Financial Accounting (ACC 151) ACC 201
Straighterline Managerial Accounting (ACC 150) ACC 202
Type Title Course(s)
DSST Art of Western World ART100
Sophia Art History I (ARTHIST 1001) ART 100
Sophia Art History II (ARTHIST 1002) GE Area D Arts
Type Title Course(s)
CBE & CLEP Survey of Bioscience or Biology BIO100
Sophia Human Biology (HUMBIO 1001) BIO 110
Straighterline Introduction to Biology (BIO 101) BIO 101
Straighterline Introduction to Biology Lab (BIO 101L) BIO 101L
Straighterline Anatomy & Physiology I (BIO201) BIO 201
Straighterline Anatomy & Physiology I Lab (BIO201L) BIO 201A
Straighterline Anatomy & Physiology II (BIO202) BIO 202
Straighterline Anatomy & Physiology II Lab (BIO202L) BIO 202L
Straighterline Microbiology (BIO250) BIO 203
Straighterline Microbiology Lab (BIO250L) BIO 203L
Type Title Course(s)
DSST Introduction to Business BUS100
Sophia Introduction to Business (BUS 1001) BUS 100
Sophia Developing Effective Teams (BUS 1200) Open Elective
Straighterline Introduction to Business (BUS 101) BUS 100
Straighterline Business Law (BUS 110) LAW 204
Type Title Course(s)
CBE Surveying, Metrics and GIS CEN320
Type Title Course(s)
CLEP Chemistry CHE101
Straighterline General Chemistry I (CHEM 101) CHE 101
Straighterline General Chemistry Lab (CHEM 101L) CHE 101L
Type Title Course(s)
CBE Courts and the Judicial Process CJA351
CBE Criminal Law and Procedures CJA352
CBE Principles of Investigation CJA460
Straighterline Introduction to Criminal Justice (CJ 101) 1 Area E
Type Title Course(s)
DSST Health and Human Development COH100
DSST Substance Abuse COH318
Straighterline Personal Fitness & Wellness (PE101) COH 100
Type Title Course(s)
DSST Principles of Public Speaking *Upper Division COM103
CBE Communication Theory COM310
Sophia Visual Communications (VISCOMM 1001) COM 220
Sophia Public Speaking (COMM 1002) COM 103
Straighterline Introduction to Communication (COM 101) 1 Area A3
Type Title Course(s)
CBE Orientation to Computer Science CSC200
CBE Advanced Programming in Java CSC272
CBE Introduction to Program Concepts CSC242
CBE Programming in C++ CSC252
CBE Programming in Java CSC262
CBE Database Design CSC422
CBE Introduction to Networking CYB202
CBE Introduction to Cybersecurity CYB206
CBE Fund of Virt and Cloud Comp CYB215
CBE Intro to Ethical Hacking CYB452
Type Title Course(s)
CBE Computer Aided Engineering I DEN308
Type Title Course(s)
CLEP Principles of Microeconomics ECO203
CLEP Principles of Macroeconomics ECO204
DSST Money and Banking ECO447
CBE Economics for Managerial Decisions ECO607
Sophia Microeconomics (ECON 1002) ECO 203
Sophia Macroeconomics (ECON 1001) ECO 204
Straighterline Macroeconomics (ECON 101) ECO 204
Straighterline Microeconomics (ECON 102) ECO 203
Type Title Course(s)
CBE Computer-Based Technology EDT608
CBE Issues and Trends in Ed. Tech ** EDT655
CBE CBE Computer Tech in Classroom ** EDX6001X
Type Title Course(s)
DSST Introduction to Geology EES103
Sophia Environmental Science (ENVS 1001) GE AREA A-G
Type Title Course(s)
CBE Introduction to Graphics and Auto CAD EGR219
CBE Engineering Mathematics EGR220
CBE Electrical Circuits and Systems EGR230
Type Title Course(s)
CLEP College Composition Modular ENG100 & ENG101
CLEP College Composition ENG100 & ENG101 & ENG240
DSST Principles of Advanced English Composition ENG240
Sophia English Composition I (ENG 1001) ENG 100, ENG 101
Sophia English Composition II (ENG 1002) ENG 240
Straighterline English Composion I (ENG101) ENG 100, ENG 101
Straighterline English Composition II (ENG102) ENG 240
Type Title Course(s)
DSST Principles of Finance FIN310
CBE Finance Fundamentals FIN501
CBE Seminar in Financial Management FIN609A
Type Title Course(s)
CBE Intro Health Ed: K-12 HEDX2301X (Formerly HED602, HEDX1101X)
Sophia US History I (HIST 1001) HIS 220A
Type Title Course(s)
CLEP History of the U.S. : Early Colonization to 1877 HIS220A
CLEP History of the U.S. II: 1865 to Present HIS220B
CLEP & DSST Western Civilization 1: Ancient Near East to 1648 HIS233
CLEP & DSST Western Civilaition 2: 1648 to Present HIS234
Sophia US History II (HIST 1002) HIS 220B
Straighterline US History I (USHIST101) HIS 220A
Straighterline US History II (USHIST102) HIS 220B
Straighterline Western Civilizations I (CIV 101) 1 Area D: Humanities
Straighterline Western Civilizations II (CIV 102) I Area D: Humanities
Straighterline Survey of World History (CIV 103) 1 Area E
Type Title Course(s)
DSST Human Resource Management HRM200
Type Title Course(s)
CBE Information Literacy ILR260
Sophia Introduction to Information Technology (CS 1001) Open Elective
Type Title Course(s)
CBE & DSST Computer Hardware and Software or Introduction to Computing ITM200
CBE Office Productivity Software ITM205
CBE & DSST Introduction to Information or Management Information Systems ITM210
CBE Computer Network Technologies ITM230
Type Title Course(s)
CLEP Introductory Business Law LAW204
CBE Legal Aspects of Business II LAW305
CBE Introduction to Law and Legal Analysis LAW410
Straighterline Business Law (BUS 110) LAW 204
Type Title Course(s)
CLEP Analyzing and Interpreting Literature LIT100
DSST Introduction to World Religions LIT345
Type Title Course(s)
CBE Marketing Management MKT602
Type Title Course(s)
CBE & CLEP Introduction Quantitative Methods for Business or College Mathematics or Fundamentals of College Algebra or Math for Liberal Arts MNS205
CBE Management Science MNS407
CBE Statistics for Business MNS601
Type Title Course(s)
CBE Math for Business and Sciences MTH204
CBE & DSST Introduction to Probability Statistics or Fundamentals of College Algebra or Math for Liberal Arts or Principles of Statistics MTH210
CBE & CLEP & DSST College Algebra and Trigonometry or Precalculus or Fundamentals of College Algebra or Math for Liberal Arts MTH215
CLEP & DSST College Algebra or Fundamentals of College Algebra or Math for Liberal Arts MTH216A
DSST Fundamentals of College Algebra or Math for Liberal Arts MTH216B
CBE & CLEP & DSST Calculus I or Calculus II or Fundamentals of College Algebra or Math for Liberal Arts MTH220
CBE Calculus II MTH221
Sophia College Algebra (CA 1001) MTH 216
Sophia Introduction to Statistics (STAT 1001) MTH 210
Sophia Foundations of Statistics (ST 0050) MTH 210
Sophia Foundations of College Algebra (CA 0050) MTH 12 A/12B
Straighterline College Algebra (MAT101) MTH 216A
Straighterline General Calculus I (MAT250) MTH 220
Straighterline Introduction to Statistics (MAT202) MTH 210
Straighterline Precalculus (MAT201) MTH 215
Type Title Course(s)
DSST Introduction to World Religions PHIL100
DSST Ethics in America Area D: Humanities
Sophia Ancient Greek Philosophers (PHIL 1001) GE Area D Humanities
Straighterline Introduction to Philosophy (PHL 101) PHL 100
Type Title Course(s)
CBE & DSST Survey in Physical Science or Principles of Physical Science PHS102
Straighterline General Physics I & II (PHY 250+250L/251+251L) PHS 171, 172, 173,179A
Type Title Course(s)
CLEP American Government POL201
Straighterline American Government (POLS 101) POL 201
Type Title Course(s)
CLEP Introductory Psychology PSY100
Straighterline Introduction to Psychology (PSY101) PSY 100
Sophia Introduction to Psychology (PSY 1001) PSY 100
Type Title Course(s)
CBE Geography: Mapping World SCI300
Type Title Course(s)
CLEP Introductory Sociology SOC100
Sophia Introduction to Sociology (SOC 1001) SOC 100
Straighterline Introduction to Sociology (SOC 101) SOC 100
Type Title Course(s)
CLEP Spanish Language Level II SPN100 & SPN 101 & SPN200
CLEP Spanish Language Level I SPN100 & SPN101
CBE Intermediate Spanish II SPN201
CBE Spanish in the Work Place SPN340A
Straighterline Spanish I (SPAN 101) SPN 100
Straighterline Spanish II (SPAN 102) SPN 101
Type Title Course(s)
Sophia The Essentials of Managing Conflict (CONRES 1000) Open Elective
Sophia Conflict Resolution (CONRES 1001) Open Elective
Sophia Approaches to Studying Religions (REL 1001) GE Area D Humanities
Sophia Project Management (PM 1001) Open Elective
Sophia Introduction to Ethics (PHIL 1002) GE Area D Humanities
Sophia Student Success (SUCCESS 1001) Open Elective
Sophia College Readiness (COLLEGE 1001) Open Elective
Straighterline Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 101) 1 Area E
Straighterline Introduction to Nutrition (NUTRI 101) 1 Area G
Straighterline Personal Fitness & Wellness (PE 101) COH 100
Straighterline Introduction to Religion (REL 101) 1 Area D: Humanities