Nadia L. - Class of 2020

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Nadia L. - Class of 2020

Demonstrate Your Learning and Finish Your Degree Faster!

Mission Statement:

National University’s Testing Center provides proctoring services to the communities that we serve. We value the potential success that lies within every person. We strive to provide up-to-date testing services, exceptional resources, and an approachable environment where every test feels like an opportunity. This is done collaboratively working and communicating with other institutions to remain in compliance with regulations established by testing companies and the National College Testing Association (NCTA). We endeavor to meet the needs of our military and online students as well.

Students at National University have the opportunity to demonstrate their prior learning for placement in more advanced coursework as well as course credit. NU Testing Services can assist you in selecting, scheduling, and preparing for appropriate exams based on your academic plan and previous experience.

Please use the tool below to identify available credit-by-examination options by course and general education area.

We encourage students to submit Concurrent Enrollments because there is a limit to how many units can be transferred in this way. We want to make sure the students knows if they have hit that maximum unit cap.
If you need assistance with submitting this information, please reach out to your Advisor.

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