Nadia L. - Class of 2020

Challenge Exam/Credit by Exam

Nadia L. - Class of 2020

What is a Credit/Challenge by Exam?

Currently enrolled students can obtain credit for undergraduate courses or a waiver for graduate course requirements through departmental examinations, called Credit/Challenge by Examinations (or CBEs), when their training or work experience seems to provide proficiency in the subject matter of an approved course.

How Many CBEs Can I Take?

All CBEs must support the objectives of the student’s degree program and cannot exceed 13.5 quarter units.

What Is the Cost of a CBE test?

  • Credit by Exams cost $100.
  • Challenge by Exams cost $50.

What Is the Difference between Credit and Challenge by Exam

  • Credit by Exam is allowed only for undergraduate students and offers credit units upon passing.
  • Challenge by Exam is allowed only for graduate students and DOES NOT offer credit units. Instead, the tests offer a waiver of a course requirement for a specific degree program.

What About My GPA, and Are Retakes Allowed?

Your GPA will not be affected since CBEs are graded on a pass/fail basis. No CBE retakes are allowed.

What are the First Steps?

Students must be approved by the Registrar prior to scheduling a CBE. If you think you are eligible for a CBE, please:

  1. Log into your Student Portal.
  2. Click on Student eForms, Student Records (Credit/Challenge by Exams).
  3. Read and click the acknowledgment and continue to e-Form.
  4. Select your desired exam, save, and submit.
  5. You will receive your approval/denial via email along with instructions to schedule your exam (if eligible).

Which Tests Are Available?

Please see the search feature on our homepage for help choosing the right test for you. You can always contact your advisor for information regarding your program plan.