Juen A. - Class of 2021, Military Veteran

Academic Policies and Procedures

Juen A. - Class of 2021, Military Veteran

General Admission Procedures

Selection of Candidates

Admission to National University is based on evidence of a student’s ability to benefit from its educational program. Such evidence can include any or all of the following: the student’s academic record in other institutions, test scores, interviews, professional experience, motivation and educational objectives.

Qualified applicants can begin classes any month of the year, depending on course offerings at their chosen learning facility. A “provisional” acceptance letter authorizes applicants to begin degree programs as enrolled students for up to 90 days. During this time, students must submit documents required for official acceptance as degree candidates. After the Office of the Registrar receives all official transcripts and other documents, the specific degree requirements are finalized for students. An email is sent to the student notifying them that they may view their Degree Progress Report on the student web portal. This report constitutes official notification to students of the course of study required to complete the selected degree program.

Admissions Advising

National University offers year-round admission. Persons seeking admission to programs at National University are unique in their specific circumstances and needs. Applicants are interviewed by an admissions advisor, who discusses the applicants’ specific requirements for admission at the initial interview. All registered students receive a unique 9 digit student identification number.


Applicants for admission must complete all registration requirements prior to attending their first class. Students are encouraged to register for all courses within a degree program at one time. Schedules may need to be modified once the degree progress report (official evaluation) has been completed or any other event that may change the student’s circumstance.

Use of Social Security Number

Applicants are required to include their Social Security Number where indicated on the application for admission forms. The Social Security Number is used to identify student records, including records for financial aid eligibility and the disbursement and repayment of financial aid and other debts payable to the University. The Internal Revenue Service requires the University to file forms that include information such as amount paid for tuition. This information is used by the IRS to help determine whether a student, or a person claiming the student as a dependent, may take a credit or deduction on their federal income taxes.

E-mail Address

All students should provide, if available, a valid e-mail address where indicated on the application for admission forms. National University regularly uses e-mail to communicate important announcements to its students regarding financial aid, student accounts, advising, grades, student records, and more. As the preferred method of communication, it is important that students provide the University with an e-mail address they use frequently and notify the University if it changes. The University keeps students e-mail addresses on file with other contact information.