Student Engagement & Leadership

National University’s Student Engagement & Leadership department provides opportunities for student leadership development as well as, University and community engagement. Student Engagement and Leadership is dedicated to enhancing student engagement through development and promotion of student organizations and activities in an integrated academic environment. Such efforts are done in a collaborative fashion with faculty, students, staff, alumni, and the greater community.

Our Mission:

We support student success and experience at National University by offering social and co-curricular opportunities that empower students to provide leadership in their organizations, careers, and communities.

Our Vision:

We are the non-traditional format leader in quality co-curricular programs that boost student connection with the university, and confidence in their ability to utilize their strengths to obtain the goals they set for themselves.

We are guided by the following Values/Commitments:

  • Concurrent with the mission of National University, we strive to contribute to society's intellectual, cultural, and economic progress and well-being to the maximum possible extent.
  • Our primary objective is to support the success of students.
  • Engagement and leadership activities take many shapes and forms which honor the diversity of our university community.
  • Community matters – success is defined by a whole and diverse community.
  • Leadership is about doing something that matters.
  • Leadership happens at all levels of an organization. Development of individual identity, organizational effectiveness, and positive social change are intimately intertwined.
  • Creation of a civic-minded workforce and community of leaders is purpose driven, community based, and intensely personal.

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Student Engagement & Leadership
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James Bond
Associate Director, Student Engagement & Leadership
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