Associate of Arts in Creative Writing

Available Online

The AA online creative writing degree is designed to help students develop their interests and talents as creative writers and to give them the skills to continue to improve their writing. Students will be introduced to three different genres and given the opportunity for more advanced study in two of them. The program will provide a sound foundation for further work or study in creative writing.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize the basic conventions of contemporary fiction, poetry, and screenwriting
  • Produce polished, completed works in two of the genres studied in the program (fiction, poetry, screenwriting)
  • Analyze their own work critically and employ revision strategies to improve it
  • Critique the writing of others and offer constructive suggestions for improving it in a collegial setting


To receive the Associate of Arts in Creative Writing, students must complete at least 90 quarter units, 31.5 of which must be taken in residence at National University. All students must complete a minimum 34.5 units of the Associate of Arts general education requirements. In the absence of transfer credit additional electives may need to be taken to meet the overall unit requirement of the degree. Please see Undergraduate Information section for admission and evaluation.
Preparation for the Major: (2 courses; 6 quarter units)
* May be used to meet General Education requirements
Requirements for the Major (9 courses; 40.5 quarter units)
Core Requisite(s):
Two of the following courses:
Core Requisite(s):
Two of the following courses:
Core Requisite(s):