Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Edward H. - Class of 2021

    Department Chair: Dr. Dawn Tamarkin

    The Department of Mathematics & Natural Sciences seeks to expand the scientific and mathematical understanding of the universe and life. The department is home to the essential general education sciences and mathematics courses that form the foundation of student success in various disciplines. These courses enable more than just the development of your scientific and mathematical outlook—they also improve your critical thinking skills and prepare you for a variety of careers.

    Our department offers a variety of courses as part of the general education component of programs throughout the university, including biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, and mathematics courses and prepares students for careers in any field related to medicine and life sciences, including allied health and biotechnology careers. Our lab classes ensure that students get hands-on experience carrying out laboratory techniques. Through our department, National University students gain a valuable understanding of the scientific and mathematical worlds regardless of the degree they pursue.