Dr. Mary Beth McCabe

As National University•s Academic Program Director for Marketing since 2010, she brings 25 years of hands on experience in television and digital advertising plus business ownership to the School of Business and Management. Dr. McCabe has been an executive in the San Diego business community since 1982, when she was hired by KUSI-TV and prior to that, in Chicago at WCIU-TV. Her business clients range from Fortune 100 firms to family run enterprises across many industries. Her academic degrees are from Alliant University (DBA, Marketing), DePaul University (MBA, Marketing) and University of Dayton (BA, Communications). She has been part of the marketing faculty at UCSD Extension, San Diego State University, and the University of San Diego. She received the Lifetime Achievement Award for Hispanic Marketing from SDX (San Diego Ad Club). She is co-author of Mobile Marketing Essentials and the author of The World•s First Guide to Independent Travel. She lives in San Diego, and volunteers with American Marketing Association, MIT Enterprise Forum and several community groups. Dr. McCabe received the 2018 National University Presidential Award for Online Course Development.


Type Date Title Audience Function Location
Paper 2014-06-01 An Assessment of Marketing Programs Designed for Adult Learners at an Accelerated Pace: A Case Study American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences Paris, France
Paper 2014-04-01 Entrepreneurship is Alive: Student Pitchfest draws interest from technology business students San Diego, CA
Paper 2014-02-01 The Perils of Clicking "Like" on Social Media Networks Las Vegas, NV
Paper 2013-03-01 Raising Classroom Engagement and Interactivity: Experts on PowerPointless and Gamification La Jolla, CA
Paper 2013-02-01 Hispanics and Green Transportation in California Alliant University San Diego, CA
Paper 2013-01-01 A Study Of Sustainable Behaviors Among California Hispanics Regarding Transportation Las Vegas, NV
Paper 2012-06-01 Sustainability for Hispanics in California: Do They Really Care? Costa Rica
Paper 2012-05-01 Hispanics and their Solar Energy Adoption Patterns Denver, CO
Paper 2012-03-01 Solar Marketing Efficiency San Jose, CA
Paper 2011-06-01 Marketing to Hispanics: Eco Friendly Behaviors Barcelona, Spain
Paper 2010-10-01 Growing Solar Markets Los Angeles, CA
Paper 2010-08-01 Resale Market Value of Residential Solar PV San Diego, CA
Paper 2010-05-01 Measuring Success: Effectiveness of Your Solar Marketing Phoenix, AZ
Paper 2009-11-01 Hispanic Marketing: Understanding Strategies and Applications for 2010 San Diego, CA
Paper 2008-10-01 Hispanic Marketing: Past, Present, and Future San Diego, CA
Paper 2008-05-01 Selling Hispanic Radio During a Recession Miami, FL
Paper 2006-07-01 Latinos…Niche Market or Serious Business Lakeside, CA
Paper 2006-05-01 Hispanic Marketing 101 San Diego, CA


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Dr. Mary Beth McCabe


Dr. Mary Beth McCabe

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