ITM680 Access & Manage IT Setup

Lead Faculty: Dr. Mudasser Fraz Wyne

Course Description

The first part of this course covers the basic technologies used in a wide area network environment. It provides an overview of current WAN technologies, encapsulation, and connection options, describes how to use, configure, verify and troubleshoot basic WAN serial connections such as HDLC, Point-to-Point Protocol, and Frame Relay. Configuring network security on routers and switches using Cisco SDM and CCP is discussed. The second part of this course describes how to use and configure Access Control Lists (ACLs) to filter and secure networks, remote access techniques such as telnet, SSH, and VPNs, IP addressing services such as BOOTP, DHCP, and Network Address Translation (NAT). It also includes an overview of IPv6, and approaches to network troubleshooting.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate understanding of Wide Area Network architectures, models, and International Networks.
  • Design interconnected Networks using bridges, switches, routers, and gateways.
  • Examine remote access technologies for mobile users to LANandapos;s.
  • Analyze Network Management Objectives for LANandapos;s and WANandapos;s.
  • Differentiate the components of Network management systems, standards, and protocols.andlt;br type=andquot;_mozandquot; /andgt;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the major security requirements and threats for Computer Networks.