ITM340 IT Clients Using MS Windows

Lead Faculty: Dr. Debra A. Bowen

Course Description

This course provides a solid framework of the concepts and implementation of a client-side operating system. Topics include understanding the client processing of information to support organizational decision-making and strategic planning, the client-server architecture, and the clients role when connected to database systems and network systems that are required to meet and support real-world projects and IT initiatives. Hands-on labs are included.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the challenges of managing a client-side system.
  • Explain the importance of strategic planning for desktop initiatives.
  • Recognize issues and solutions involved in management control of information processing using a client-side operating system.
  • Describe the basic functions of a client-side operating system.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the features of an industry standard client-side operating system.
  • Examine the structure of the Internet and the World Wide Web using a client-side operating system.
  • Describe the networks and network terminology within a client-server IT environment.