CYB611 Cyber Sec. Mgmt & Cryptography

Lead Faculty: Mr. Christopher Simpson

Course Description

Security management including risk assessment; controls and safeguard; planning. Encryption standards and algorithms are examined. Secure communications and identity management are also probed. Windows and Linux environments are included.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze and evaluate IT Security Management, security risk assessment and analysis.
  • Analyze and evaluate IT Security Management Implementation, security controls and safeguards; IT Security Plan.
  • Analyze and evaluate Data Encryption Standard, Advanced Encryption Standard, Stream Ciphers and RC4, Cipher Block Modes of Operation, Location of Symmetric Encryption Devices, Key Distribution
  • Analyze and evaluate Secure Hash Functions, HMAC, RSA Public-key Encryption algorithm, Diffie-Hellman and other asymmetric algorithms.
  • Analyze and evaluate Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS), IPV4 and IPV6 Security, Secure Email and S/MIME
  • Analyze and evaluate Kerberos, X.509, Public Key Infrastructure, Federated Identity Management,
  • Analyze and evaluate Linux Security model, Linux vulnerabilities and hardening, application security, mandatory access controls.
  • Analyze and evaluate Windows Security basics, user security and network security.