CSC445 Wireless Appl. Development

Lead Faculty: Dr. Ronald Uhlig

Course Description

Current wireless technologies and communication protocols. Coverage includes the current and emerging mobile applications, wireless and mobile infrastructure, devices, middleware, and network access issues. Examines the impact of wireless applications on individuals and organizations. Students will study the current tools, and techniques employed in development of mobile software solutions.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss and evaluate location identification technologies and standards.
  • Explore and compare wireless and online transaction models and payment systems.
  • State and describe wireless security issues and current wireless security protocols.
  • Explore, evaluate and describe wireless communication technologies and standards.
  • Explore and utilize programming languages used in wireless technology development.
  • Discuss the future of wireless technology.
  • Explore and use development tools for Palm handheld.
  • Use WML elements and attributes and write WML script programs.