CIS430 Web/EB Design & Development

Lead Faculty: Dr. Lu Zhang

Course Description

Focuses on two aspects of website management: technical and business aspects. An introduction to Web languages and technologies is made with some in-depth coverage of HTML and CSS. How to manage people, content, and suppliers is covered in the business focus.

Learning Outcomes

  • Utilize XHTML tags to construct web pages.
  • Develop web pages within a small static web site using commercially available applications.
  • Discuss the usage of CSS and utilize its properties.
  • Develop dynamic web pages by creating event handlers and dynamic styles and/or positioning using JavaScript.
  • Explain the segments in the division of labor and responsibilities in managing a web site.
  • Explain the purpose and functionality of web servers such as Apache and Internet Information Server.
  • Describe and discuss the usability and the structure of an effective web site.