CIS423 IS Strategy, Mgt & Acquisition

Course Description

This course takes a management perspective in exploring the acquisition, development and implementation of plans and policies to achieve efficient and effective information systems. Students will address topics relating to defining the IS infrastructure and the systems that support the operational and strategic needs of the organization. The course examines developing a framework that will allow leaders of organizations to assess existing IS infrastructures and emerging technologies as well as how these technologies affect organizational strategy.

Learning Outcomes

  • Compare the various functions and activities within the information systems area, including the role of IT management and the CIO, structuring of IS management within an organization, and managing IS professionals within the firm.
  • Describe existing and emerging information technologies, the functions of IS and its impact on the organizational operations.
  • Evaluate the issues and challenges associated with successfully and unsuccessfully incorporating IS into a firm.
  • Analyze how strategic decisions are made concerning acquiring IS resources and capabilities including the ability to evaluate the different sourcing options.
  • Apply information to the needs of different industries and areas.