ENM603 Operation Management

Lead Faculty: Dr. Shekar Viswanathan

Course Description

Examination of design and management of internal capacity as it applies to all organizations. It addresses how all operations and behavior components fit together and how to identify and resolve the right problem. Topics covered include, problem identification and resolution, process design, applications of technology and knowledge management.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe operations management and how it applies to project management engineering.
  • Analyze the role of behavior and communication in operations management.
  • Apply problem identification and problem-solving processes.
  • Determine the appropriate operations management tool(s) to be used during the problem-solving process.
  • Design and develop a process including comparison of methodologies to maintain and manage a process.
  • Determine the appropriate operations management concepts and tool(s) to be addressed during the design development and management of a process.
  • Evaluate the application of current and future technologies to operations management.
  • Integrate total quality into operations management.
  • Apply project management engineering techniques in operations management.
  • Summarize operations management concepts, culminating in an operations improvement plan.