EGR240 Electronic Circuits

Lead Faculty: Dr. Jodi Reeves

Course Description

Analysis and design of analog electronic circuits which are used in communications, computers and instrumentation. Provide fundamentals and analysis of non-linear, active components such as diodes, transistors (both bipolar and MOSFET), OP-AMP, rectifiers, amplifiers etc. Use modern simulation tools such as PSpice for the design, analyses, and performance evaluations of electronic circuits.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand basic concepts and terminology in electronic circuits such as signals, signal amplification, circuit models of linear amplifiers etc.
  • Understand basic semiconductor device physics, characteristics, biasing and circuit analysis of the p-n junction diode, BJT transistor and MOSFET.
  • Perform electronic circuits analysis using DC and AC signals.
  • Analyze and design op-amp circuits.
  • Analyze a variety of BJT and MOSFET analog amplifiers including Common Source, Common Base, Common Collector, Differential, etc.
  • Design electronic circuits to meet desired specifications.