BET401L Medical Devices I Lab

Lead Faculty: Dr. Peilin Fu

Course Description

Laboratory hands on practical course will support classroom theoretical pedagogy. The accelerated laboratory sessions will introduce fundamental embedded biomedical circuit designs of devices covered in BET 401. Analog, digital and mixed signals, real-time and emulated biosignals for broad biomedical application as practice in clinical environment will be explored. The lab activities include setup, calibration, testing, troubleshooting, data collection and proper analytical report.

Learning Outcomes

  • Design, develop, and implement fundamental biomedical instrumentation from commercial embedded workbench tools.
  • Acquire, process and analyze real or emulated biosignals using integrated electronic circuitry.
  • Explore application of biosignals for enhancement of clinical application.
  • Integrate modular block components into a large-scale system to meet optimal specification.
  • Familiarize with standard prototype peripheral interfaces, inputs and outputs.
  • Participate in a team-oriented concurrent, laboratory experimentation design.