BET401 Medical Devices I

Lead Faculty: Dr. Peilin Fu

Course Description

Introduction to low risk medical devices and instrumentation. Devices such as electronic thermometers, surgical microscopes, ultrasonic nebulizers and sphygmomanometers will be studied. Topics include biosignals acquisition, processing, and filtering; design of devices; embedded design and implementation; and testing and calibration of devices.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand professional terminologies in the design, implementation, and optimal classification and application of medical devices.
  • Make appropriate decisions in selection and provide adequate interface to all users of medical devices per patient and practitioner in healthcare settings.
  • Assess human--device interactions for efficient design, use and optimal performance, Interpret and integrate emerging innovative strategies for prognosis and therapeutic interventions and assessments in use of medical devices.
  • Develop the concept of team work and knowledge sharing through group project implementation and presentations.
  • Provide critical problem-solving known-how to assimilate relevant ethical issues for all users of medical devices