Master of Global Management

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The Master of Global Management is appropriate for students currently or intending to be working in organizations which operate internationally or impacted by international organizations. Through a series of relevant business courses, students are prepared to apply program content to improve decision-making skills to become more effective managers.

This program is especially helpful to those who have been or expected to be promoted from more technical fields into management positions. The program integrates many aspects of management to prepare graduates to identify work to be completed and how to engage others in the completion of this work.

The Bachelor of Arts in Management/Master of Global Management (BAM/MGM) Transition Program

The Bachelor of Arts in Management/Master of Global Management (BAM/MGM) Transition Program allows currently enrolled BAM students with a cumulative grade point average of at least a 3.0, who are within completing their last six courses, to register for two MGM courses as electives for their BAM degree. Students can take the following two courses: MGT601M and IBU606. The number of additional courses to complete to earn the MGM is reduced from 13 to 11 courses. To be eligible for the Transition Program, students must apply for the MGM and begin their program of study within six months after completing their final BAM course. Students must complete the 13-course MGM program (including the two courses in the Transition Program) within four years with no break exceeding 12 months. Students must complete graduate-level course work taken as part of the BAM degree with a grade of B or better. The course work will not transfer as graduate-level credit to National University or any other institution as it is part of an undergraduate degree program.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Define problems, use program concepts to frame analysis, generate conclusions from analysis, and make recommendations for positive action.
  • Select the most effective managerial alternative after considering the influences of principles of organizational behavior, communication, and motivation.
  • Anticipate the impact of cultural similarities and differences on interpersonal and intergroup dynamics.
  • Predict forces impacting an organization that arise from global origins.
  • Choose the most appropriate action to solve managerial challenges through the application of the steps of planning, organizing, and controlling.
  • Recognize ethical dilemmas and make appropriate managerial choices in a context of organizational social responsibility.


To receive a Master of Global Management, students must complete at least 58.5 quarter units of graduate work. A total of 13.5 quarter units of graduate credit may be granted for equivalent graduate work completed at another institution, as it applies to this degree and provided the units were not used in earning another advanced degree. Refer to the section on graduate admission requirements for specific information regarding application and evaluation.
Core Requirements (13 courses; 58.5 quarter units)
Core Requisite(s):
Graduate Elective Option (1 course; 4.5 quarter units)
Students may choose to use the below course in place of one of these core courses: SOC604, or IBU637. Students desiring this option must notify their advisor when scheduling the IBU540 class so appropriate notation can be made in the record for graduation.