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Dr. Susan Silverstone has more than 20 years of experience in Marketing in the Healthcare Industry. She has taught for more than 20 years in Marketing and Healthcare at the University of Iowa and University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. She obtained her MBA in 1987 combining her interests in business and Healthcare. She joined National University in July 2001 as Associate faculty. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the classroom and is committed to making the learning of Marketing especially in the Online environment more accessible and more lively.

She is program Lead for the new Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Communications. For the past five years she has been heavily involved in Assessment and Shared Governance and published and presented a number of papers on this subject. She is the School Assessment Chair for SOBM and represents SOBM on the University Academic Affairs committee.


Silverstone S, Teatum J. Paper presented at the 2011 International Clute conference in Barcelona Spain June 6-9, 2011 titled Technology the Problem or the Solution to Childhood Obesity

Beckwith E.G Hippensteel, S. Silverstone S Paper presented at the WASC conference in San Francisco titled Automation of the 5 Year Assessment Process--Reducing Faculty Workload While Improving the Quality of Faculty Assessment

Silverstone S, Teatum J Paper presented at the National University System Center for Performance Psychology Inaugural Conference in San Diego, California, February 11-12, 2011 titled Innovative technology strategies to address youth obesity.

Silverstone S, Teatum J., Paper published in the January 2011 Journal of Education titled Technology the Problem or the Solution to Childhood Obesity ISSN: 1942-2512, ISSN 1942-2504 (print), ISSN 1942-2512 (online)

Beckwith E G Silverstone S, Bean D Joint author of a Paper presented at the 2010 WASC conference in Long Beach CA titled A Follow-up report to a Process of Integrating Shared Governance to Promote Academic Learning and Assessment using an Automated On-Line Assessment Information System.

Senior Author of a Chapter Published in the Text book, Advanced Technologies published by Intech ( ISBN 978-953-307-009-4) titled ; Technologies to Support Effective Learning and Teaching in the 21st Century; Silverstone, Phadungtin, Buchanan January 2010.