MKT660 Strategic Marketing Simulation

Lead Faculty: Dr. Mohammed M. Nadeem

Course Description

Students will participate in a group simulation activity and will have hands on 'live' experience, making strategic marketing decisions that affect the business viability. Students master the marketing concepts of production, channels of distribution, branding, promotion, segmentation, targeting, pricing and competition as they make decisions that affect the future profitability of the business entity.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply business simulation practices to strategic marketing concepts.
  • Master the most important aspects of strategic marketing.
  • Evaluate the impact of strategic marketing decisions to the firm.
  • Select different marketing strategies as appropriate for specific companies.
  • Appraise the ethical implications of marketing strategies in the areas of product, company advertising and communication, and distribution channels.
  • Apply marketing strategies based on branding, research, channel, advertising and pricing.
  • Establish the benefits of applying CRM, value creation and innovation strategies to the firm.