MKT631 Global Marketing

Lead Faculty: Dr. Mohammed M. Nadeem

Course Description

A study of strategic planning and organizing for international marketing, researching global markets, marketing consumer products, industrial products, and services in the world market, the course explores the international advertising and promotion effort, personal selling and personnel management, pricing, distribution systems, export trade mechanics and logistics, financial requirements for international marketing, and coordinating and controlling global operations. It also discusses the effect of trade agreements on international business.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the key factors related to creating a global marketplace.
  • Describe how new telecommunication technologies are changing the ways companies manage their global marketing activities.
  • Research and identify profitable foreign markets.
  • Discuss the impact of different cultural values and belief systems on marketing products.
  • Discuss the key elements of ethical global marketing.
  • Develop a global marketing plan.
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of major marketing concepts in writing and orally using proper business communications techniques.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use on-line resources to research and prepare written and oral assignments.