MGT630 Global Business Environment

Lead Faculty: Dr. Richard Weaver

Course Description

An analysis of the global economic, political, and cultural factors affecting international business, this course provides an overview of international trade and investment theory, the pros and cons of protectionism, the global financial environment, and the role of the multinational corporation. It analyzes international sourcing, marketing, and strategic management for global business.

Learning Outcomes

  • Assess the origins, evolution and structure of trade strategies leading to trade agreements.
  • Demonstrate the economic advantages and disadvantages of increased U.S. trade activities.
  • Evaluate the impact of the global business environment on national economies and individual companies.
  • Apply the principals of currency exchange to evaluate problems and opportunities in international trade.
  • Integrate corporate functional areas as they relate to international business and the development of cross-border operations (functional areas include marketing, accounting, HR, finance, manufacturing, etc.).
  • Evaluate corporate policies for strengths and weaknesses in terms of economic, political and cultural factors.