IBU540 International Experience

Lead Faculty: Dr. Juan Espana

Course Description

Tour foreign location and experience the business, economic, political, legal, and cultural environment of a host country. Development of thorough knowledge of foreign business environment through combination of pre-departure study, on-site lectures and presentations by host country experts and business executives, post-tour analysis and reflection.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop in-depth expertise on the foreign business environment through a combination of theoretical analysis and on-site studies
  • Evaluate and rank the attractiveness of the business environment of the host country for developing business operations taking into account criteria such as country risk, credit risk, political risk, financial risk, and environmental sustainability.
  • Assess the current and future role of the host country in world trade and foreign investment
  • Master basic elements of personal business communication in the foreign business environment.
  • Apply concepts, principles and techniques learned in different functional areas to the in-depth analysis of specific international business issues.