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National University offers eligible students the opportunity to take college-level general education classes at a discounted tuition rate. Earning college credit prior to high school graduation contributes to accessibility, readiness, and financial savings toward a degree or certification program in college.

Students can select 100- and 200-level college classes to:

  • Receive reduced tuition of $600 per class (a $1,665 value) for online classes only
  • Minimize time to degree for post-secondary education
  • Satisfy high school requirements while earning direct college credit
  • Accelerated one-course-per-month format
  • Strengthen college applications
  • Access expanded educational offerings for primarily juniors and seniors

Classes meet the standards for completing high school and taking college-level courses transferable to other regionally accredited institutions of higher education.

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Updated: January 2022

* – High School Coursework Required
** – National University Prerequisite Course(s) Required

  • Art200 Visual Arts
  • ECE201 The Growing Child: Zero to 8
  • CSC200 Orientation to Computer Science
  • CYB200 Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • ITM200 Computer Hardware and Software
  • ITM205 Office Productivity Software
  • ITM230 Computer Network Overview
  • GLS150 Global Issues and Trends
  • MUS100 Fundamentals of Music
  • PSY100 Introduction to Psychology
  • THR200 Theater Arts
  • COM100 Intro to Mass Communication
  • COM103 Public Speaking
  • COM120 Intro to Interpersonal Comm
  • COM220 Media Literacy
  • ENG13 Strategies for Writing
  • ENG102 Effective College English I *
  • ASL120 American Sign Language I
  • ASL220 American Sign Language II **
  • SPN100 Beginning Spanish I
  • SPN101 Beginning Spanish II **
  • COH100 Personal Health
  • COH150 Healthcare Terminology
  • HED110 First Aid and CPR
  • HED212 Nutrition and Wellness
  • HED220 Health, Nutrition and Safety
  • BUS100 Intro to Business
  • MTH12A Algebra I
  • MTH12B Algebra II **
  • MTH209 Fundamentals of Mathematics I *
  • MTH210 Probability and Statistics *
  • MTH215 College Algebra and Trigonometry *
  • MTH216A College Algebra I *
  • MTH216B College Algebra II **
  • MTH220 Calculus I *
  • MTH221 Calculus II **
  • BIO100 Survey of Bioscience
  • BIO100A Survey of Bioscience Lab
  • BIO161 General Biology I
  • CHE101 Introductory Chemistry *
  • CHE101A Introductory Chemistry Lab **
  • EES103 Fundamentals of Geology
  • EES103A Fundamentals of Geology Lab **
  • PHS102 Survey of Physical Science
  • ECO100 Intro to Economics
  • ECO203 Principles of Microeconomics
  • ECO204 Principles of Macroeconomics
  • HIS220A United States History I *
  • HIS220B United States History II **
  • HIS233 World Civilizations I *
  • HIS234 World Civilizations II **
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