BKM650 Enter Telecom & Global Collabo

Lead Faculty: Dr. Farnaz Sharifrazi

Course Description

Complex collaboration refers to situations where working together effectively across boundaries is critical for complex projects and problems. Complex collaboration refers to knowledge-intensive business processes that require highly interactive communication, coordination, negotiation, research and/or development. Such projects may cross disciplinary, organizational, national, and/or cultural boundaries. Complex collaboration represents a capability that is essential to effective execution in such situations as new product development, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and supply chain management, as well as large government projects. A number of issues emerge in examining complex collaboration, including: unit of analysis, critical relationships, resource development, virtual teaming, key skills, and improvement processes. BKM 650 provides the student with an understanding of the challenges of managing such situations include ambitious schedules, conflict of cultures and practices, massive amounts of information, multiple languages, and ambiguity of roles and responsibilities.