BIM610 Strategic Decision Systems

Course Description

An overview of the methodologies and expert system and mind mapping software used by Strategic and Middle Management. The topics include; the mastering of the process of Mind Mapping, which allows executive and strategic managers to project and modify their thoughts to reach effective decision making. Collaborate and support their decision with other stakeholders to maximize the organization's strategic goals and objectives.

Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate systems for helping employees and customers solve problems, supporting and expanding the expertise of business advisors, or providing problem-solving answers throughout an enterprise.
  • Propose how agency experts can provide their knowledge in a logical, graphical way so their peers' and their constituents' can tap their knowledge.
  • Integrate the processes and methodologies used for expert system software development.
  • Formulate the decision-making steps that will describe building logic diagrams and rules that can precisely describe even the most complicated process.
  • Systematize the ability to visually connect and synthesize ideas and information to improve decision making, shorten business planning processes, and harness the intellectual capital in their organizations.