BIM606 Info Mgmt for Leaders

Course Description

This course focuses on the strategic role of information technology (IT) in today's dynamic organizations. Emphasis is placed on the application of IT strategies to align to the organization's strategic planning, customer analysis, rapid decision-making, and problem solving. Topics will include: (a) harvesting information as organization asset; (b) prioritizing the gaps between where the organization is today and where it needs to be in the future; (c) integrating information into the vision, goals, and mission of organizations; (d) using advanced IT to implement change; and (e) analyzing information to achieve competitive advantage. Technical skills needed in storing, updating, and retrieving information, building, and using Web-based applications and business forecasting will also be covered.

Learning Outcomes

  • Implement information management theories/strategies appropriately to diverse situation and organizations.
  • Assess technological systems that support information management.
  • Establish the ethical implications of various information management systems and processes, as well as the place of information management in an organization.
  • Use information management knowledge and skills to solve problems presented in case studies.
  • Demonstrate appropriate written and oral skills, technology and ethical leadership skills in organizational settings.