Marketing and Management

Department Head: Dr. Kamlesh Mehta

Technology, connecting individuals, and organizations separated by distance, continuously change and require innovative ideas and ways of thinking for each to maintain a competitive advantage in the workplace and in the world. New and established companies increasingly seek managers to act as leaders and employees to align their work with organizational objectives. In the business management and marketing degree program, students learn the knowledge and skills needed to function effectively in the global world through interactions with experts and colleagues who bring personal experience and practical wisdom into the classroom. Relevant and meaningful discussions online and onsite add value to each individual’s learning and ability to use technology effectively.

Relationships are more permanent than technology while learning is a continuous responsibility throughout life. Combining foundational business theory with practical business know-how prepares tomorrow’s business leaders and innovative professionals for future jobs waiting to be created. The National University experience provides learners with the opportunity to acquire knowledge and develop skills for improving job performance and advancing careers.